About us


Main goals of the KUPS:

  • assuring high quality of products by supporting DSK for juices and nectars;
  • lobbying for justified interests of juice producers, in particular pro-development fiscal, customs, qualitative and pro-health solutions;
  • conducting analyses and collecting and distribution of current information on the juice market;
  • orienting development of the raw material base for juice production needs;
  • organization of academic and technical symposia, seminars, trainings, conferences, exhibitions and other events with purpose to perform the KUPS tasks;
  • representing juice producers in other organizations and associations;
  • creating the advantageous image of Polish juice producers;
  • promotion of national juice producers and sellers abroad;
  • popularization of foreign publications on scientific and technical achievements regarding juice production;
  • drafting opinions on preparation and training of the engineering and technical staff.

The detailed goal description can be found at the KUPS articles of association.


The greatest achievements of KUPS:

  • significant improvement of quality of juices and nectars implemented on the Polish market;
  • establishment of DSK providing the conditions for fair competition in the juice, nectar and drink industry;
  • adjustment of the juice production conditions to the European Union requirements;
  • publication in Polish of the ”AIJN code of practice”, i.e. the technical document used to assess juice and nectar genuineness;
  • permanent cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding legislative amendments within the juice sector;
  • establishment of the Fruit and Vegetable Market Monitoring Team which regularly develops reports and lists of average prices and production levels for selected preserves;
  • realization of projects co-funded by the European Union and the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund;
  • cooperation with multiple international and national organizations.