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5 a day

The cycle of promotional and informational campaigns realized from 2008 under the banner of ”5 portions of vegetables, fruit or juice”, oriented on consumers. The main goal is improvement of nutritional habits, increasing awareness in terms of nutritional and pro-health features of vegetables, fruit and juice products. Correct nutrition based on vegetables, fruit and their preserves, e.g. juices, is a very important element of correct diet and its influence on health. According to expert recommendations on nutrition and diet, we should eat at least 400 g of vegetables and fruit daily in at least of 5 portions and of them can be a glass of juice (ca. 200 mL).

Apetyt na polskie (Appetite for Polish products)

The www.apetytnapolskie.com website has been active since 2019. Its purpose is to show nearness and availability of Polish vegetables, fruit, preserves, potatoes and mushroom, as well as to stimulate appetite for Polish products. It is a compendium of knowledge on all vegetables, fruit, potatoes and mushroom grown in Poland. It is the place where consumers will find information on their nutritional and pro-health value supported by scientific research. The website also serves to present some figures of fruit growers, farmers, scientists and many other persons, whose commitment results in Polish agricultural products of the highest quality, while growing, storage and processing technologies are one of the best in the region or even worldwide.

Certified product

The Certified Product Quality System (CP) was developed by KUPS in cooperation with experts being the representatives of the fruit and vegetable industry and national scientific units. CP can be applied to products made of fruit and vegetables of high nutritional value that do not contain sugars, sweeteners, preservatives and artificial colorants and aromas. Thanks to the CP system criteria, producers are also able to label preserves with nutrition and/or health claims compliant with the valid regulations. The certificate was designed in the way clearly providing consumers with the most important nutritional values of a given product without an arduous analysis of label content.

Facts on Nutriscore

Within the project the website www.nutriscore-fakty.pl was developed which enables to evaluate influence of the fruit and vegetable product labeling system with nutritional value information in front of packaging, based on the Nutri-Score system criteria, on the national agricultural and processing industry and to indicate lack of consequences with the previous EU policy or dietician guidelines.

13th International Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Congress

In 2017 KUPS organized the 13th International Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Congress. It had been held in different country each year, such as Hungary, Spain or even Mexico and Colombia. Selecting Poland as its host was a great distinction on a global scale. This annual event, organized within a given market, is an answer to the problem of low level of vegetable and fruit consumption. The goal of the Congress was to popularize the idea of “5 a day”, related to the role of fruit, vegetables and their preserves, including juices, in human nutrition and the correct pro-health policy. The congress was also the experience sharing platform for entities dealing with production and trade in the fruit and vegetable industry.