Kerim Aydemir


Döhler Turkey

Kerim Aydemir has been the co-CEO of Döhler Turkey operating in five production plants since 2015. He received a Business Administration degree from Bilkent University in Ankara following his graduation from Lycée Saint Joseph in Istanbul. He speaks fluent English and French. Married with one child.

Clodagh de Beaurepaire


Symrise Vertriebs GmbH

Since 2020, she is working with Symrise, based in Austria, with responsibility across Eastern Europe. Clodagh loves to understand consumer trends and inspire customers. She is a creative and passionate marketing professional with 15 years’ experience in the Food & Beverage industry. With a diverse background, living in four different countries and holding international roles, Clodagh is culturally sensitive

Anna Bugala


Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – NRI

Horticultural market analyst. Co-author of the "Fruit and Vegetables Market. Situation and Outlook" and "Foreign Trade in Agri-Food Products" published twice a year”. Author of numerous articles and studies on Polish horticulture, especially foreign trade of fruits, vegetables and their products.

Anna Dębowska

Anna Dębowska

Luneos Sp. z o.o.

Manager with over 20 years of experience in establishing business relations and managing sales and marketing projects. She has been associated with the energy industry for 10 years, starting her adventure with RES in the Energa Group and developing her competences in companies related to photovoltaics. Currently responsible in Luneos for introducing a unique solution for enterprises to the market: the 360 energy transformation, giving companies the possibility of a complete change in obtaining and using green energy.

Mariusz Dziwulski

Dr Mariusz Dziwulski

PKO Bank Polski

Doctor of economics. Graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In PKO Bank Polski since 2016. Employed at BGŻ BNP Paribas (2010-2016) and the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (2007-2010). Author of numerous scientific and popular science papers and expert opinions. An expert in agricultural and food sector analyses.

Michael Fuchs


Bucher Unipektin AG

Area Sales Manager for over 30 years with Bucher he has been developing markets such as France, Turkey, North America, China etc. 

Joanna Gajda

Joanna Gajda-Wyrębek

Institute at the National Institute of Public Health- National Institute of Hygiene - NRI

Head of the Food Additive Evaluation Institute at the National Institute of Public Health/National Institute of Hygiene. An expert on security and legislation regarding additives, aromas and enzymes. A co-creator of law at the international level as a member of working groups of experts on additives within the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. She prepares expert opinions and evaluations of risk assessment in terms of food containing additives and conducts trainings for food producers and employees of food inspection authorities. An author of multiple papers in scientific and trade journals.

Domnika Głąbska

Associate Prof. Dominika Głąbska

Institute of Human Nutrition Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW

Deputy Director of Department of Human Nutrition, Dietary Clinic Manager at Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW , Dietician and nutrition specialist.

Maciej Golubiewski

Maciej Golubiewski

Cabinet of Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski

Head of Cabinet of Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Washington and Lee University (1999) and a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from the Johns Hopkins University (2005).  He also holds an International Baccalaureate Diploma from the United World College of the Atlantic in the UK. After graduation, he moved to Washington D.C. where he spent three years in business consulting at Charles River Associates International (CRAI) before going on to graduate school.  During his studies Mr. Golubiewski interned with the office of Senator Richard Lugar, served as a summer fellow at the Heritage Foundation and was an associate scholar at the Center for European Policy Analysis. In 2008, he joined, as an established official, the Directorate General for Development and Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries at the European Commission in Brussels as a desk responsible for regional political and economic cooperation with the Horn, East and Southern Africa region. In 2011, he was transferred to the newly created European External Action Service, where, since 2012, he had been responsible for preparing the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council positions on the developing conflict in Syria. Between 2014 and 2016, Mr. Golubiewski served as the Deputy Chief of Mission and the Head of the Political Section at the EU Delegation to Lebanon in Beirut and between 2017 and 2019 as the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York.

Domnika Guzek

Prof. Dominika Guzek

Faculty of Human Nutrition, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Dean of the Faculty of Human Nutrition at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, nutrition expert

Alicia Hernandez

Alicia Hernandez

U.S. Embassy, Warsaw, Poland

Alicia Hernandez, Agricultural Counselor arrived in Warsaw, Poland in August 2021 to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) team.  She and her staff liaise with the Polish government on agricultural policy issues, engage with farmer organizations to understand crop development, and implement marketing activities to promote the consumption of U.S. agricultural products in Poland.  The USDA office also covers the same topics for the Baltics. In addition, Alicia manages USDA offices in Romania and Bulgaria and the locally staff there. Before her assignment in Poland, Alicia served as the Director of the U.S. Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Hong Kong and Macau from November 2017-June 2021. Alicia joined the USDA in 2009 as a Desk Officer coordinating department-wide engagement with Mexico.  She later participated in the development of the U.S. Government’s official agricultural trade estimates before joining the Foreign Service.  From 2012 to 2014, she served as the Deputy Director of the ATO in Mexico City with simultaneous responsibility for the ATO in Monterrey.  In 2014, she transitioned into a new role in Mexico City as an Agricultural Attaché responsible for international trade negotiations on animal health and organics equivalency. 

Woutex Lox

Wouter Lox

European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN)

As of the 1st of January 2019, Wouter will assume the position of Secretary General of AIJN. Wouter lox obtained his master’s degree in Bioscience-engineering at the University of Ghent and worked for several years in Libreville (Gabon). After his return in 1994 he joined DVI-SIA to work as Secretary General for different European and national food associations and acted as Food regulatory expert.In 1997 he joined Yakult Europe as Manager European Regulatory and Public Affairs. Wouter started as Manager Public Affairs and regulatory affairs for Nuskin Enterprises/Pharmanex in 2002, developed further his specialization of dietary Supplements and cosmetic legislation. Since 2007 he is Managing Director of the European Salt Producer’s Association and is since many years treasurer and Council member of EFLA and Council member of the European Executives Association and Vice-President of SEAP.

Joanna Markowska

Dr Joanna Markowska

Prof. Waclaw Dabrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute, Institute of Refrigeration Engineering Technologies and Techniques in Łódź

Lecturer, Head of Chair of Food Technologies and Preservation at the Institute of Refrigeration Engineering Technologies and Techniques of the Prof. Waclaw Dabrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute.

She performs research on issues related to innovative technologies of food products preserved by means of frosting, cooling, vacuum packing and modified atmosphere packaging and research on technological usefulness of new raw materials and additives in manufacturing of frozen and cooled food products, ice-creams and frozen desserts.  

Krystian Marszałek

Dr Krystian Marszałek, Associate Professor

Prof. Wacław Dąbrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology in Warsaw - NRI

Head of the Technological Laboratory in the Department of Fruit and Vegetable Product Technology. Additionally employed at the Institute of food Science and Technology, University of Rzeszow. In last year’s He was visiting professor in the University of Valencia (Spain), University of Padua (Italy) and Institute of Food Science and Technology, CAAS (China). Prior to his current appointment, he received many scholarships awarded by WULS, Mazovian Governor and by Polish Ministry of the Science and Higher Education for the most prominent young scientists in Poland. Laureate of Innovative Young Researcher and highlighted in best 5% of WULS PhD students. Expert and evaluator in PARD, NCRC, PNAAE, MFRP and FPS as well as member of PNC, PSFT and SGS. Dr Krystian Marszałek is also reviewer in many international prestigious Journals and his scientific achievements cover participation in 15 research grants, authorships and co-authorships of 66 publications and book chapters, 37 conference abstracts and 30 presentations.

Peter McCrossan

Dr Peter McCrossan

British Embassy Warsaw

Trade Policy Officer, British Embassy Warsaw

Expert on International trade and market access

Monika Mieszczkowska

Dr Monika Mieszczakowska - Frąc, Associate Professor

National Institute of Horticultural Research

Associate professor of agricultural sciences in the field of horticulture. Head of Laboratory of Processing and Quality Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetables in Department of Storage and Processing of Fruit and Vegetables in the  National Institute of Horticultural Research. Expert in chemical analysis of horticultural products composition, contractor and leader of several national and EU financed research grants. Scientific interests: food chemistry and technology of fruit and vegetable processing, study of the composition and content of bioactive components of fruits, vegetables and their preserves, chemical analyzes with particular emphasis on liquid chromatography techniques, the application of ultrasounds and microwaves in fruit processing. 

Michal Mikolajczyk

Michał Mikołajczyk

Rekopol Packaging Recovery Organisation

Lawyer, volunteer and employee of Polish and International Committee of the Red Cross. The alum of „Corporate Social Responsibility” postgraduate studies on Kozminski University. Employed by Rekopol Packaging Recovery Organisation since 2004. The author of numerous projects and actions that promote selective waste segregation and informed purchasing e. g. „NON WASTE DAY”, the All-Poland campaign. The organizer of projects concerning „Green Corporate Social Responsibility” that were run by entrepreneurs, self-government, waste management entities and NGOs Since 2009 Sales & Marketing Director since 2014 Proxy. The participant of workshops concerning „Circular Economy Package”, that were run by BusinessEurope in Brussels, and of workshops concerning the establishment of Extended Producer Responsibility requirements in Poland.

Piotr Niedziela

Piotr Niedziela

Döhler Sp. z o.o.

Board Member and CFO at companies of the Döhler Group in Poland Since over 20 years he has been involved in the agricultural industry. Graduate of MBA, post-graduate studies at University of Warsaw and SGH Warsaw School of Economics and student of doctoral studies at the Management and Finance College at SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

Bozena Nosecka


Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – NRI

Head of the team which (twice a year, since 1992) prepares market analyses on the fruit and vegetables market. Expert for the Central Statistical Office for estimation of vegetable crop in Poland Author of many studies, articles and expert opinions on Polish, European and global horticulture, in particular on the processing sector.

Daniel Olszewski


Flottweg Polska

For over 20 years with Flottweg where he has been successfully developing its Polish branch. He is very active in the fruit and vegetable industry where he started off and got his first achievements. While representing the strong brand standing for quality and reliability, he has been regularly expanding its share in the market.

Julian Pawlak


Polish Association of Juice Producers (KUPS)

President of the Polish Association of Juice Producers since 2004. Formerly the President and CEO of Tymbark currently the Strategy Advisor and proxy of Tymbark MWS – a company from the Maspex Group.

Elżbieta Polak


Prof. Waclaw Dabrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute, Institute of Refrigeration Engineering Technologies and Techniques in Łódź

Head of the Chair of Refrigeration Engineering Technologies and Techniques at the Institute of Refrigeration Engineering Technologies and Techniques of the Prof. Waclaw Dabrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute. She performs academic research and development and implementation works regarding food industry technologies and techniques, especially frozen and cooled food, as well as issues related to natural environment protection; analyses of natural environment indicators (carbon footprint, water footprint) in the agricultural and food industry and monitoring of greenhouse gases.

Dieter Pinnow


Bucher Unipektin AG

Working for Bucher since over 30 years. Until 2016 as Development Engineer and later Product Manager for Bucher Grinding Systems and Bucher HPX Presses. Since 2017 as Area Sales Manager for Germany and Benelux and Scandinavia Countries

Magdalena Rohde-Krempa


Maspex Beverages

General Manager Bussines Unit Poland, Maspex Beverages. She graduated of Technical University in Cracow. For over 20-years has worked for Maspex Group -  one of the biggest company in CEE region in food and drinks market. During her professional career was responsible for strategic areas of business, taking key positions in the Management Board of the company. At present, as a General Manager of „Business Unit Poland Beverages”, she takes responsoibility for sales, marketing and development of the main polish brands:  Tymbark, Kubuś, Tarczyn, Dr Witt and Tiger.

Grzegorz Rykaczewski


Santander Bank Polska

Food and agribusiness analyst. He studied International Policy and European Integration at the Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw. He also completed doctoral studies at the Collegium of Management and Finance of Warsaw School of Economics. In 2014-15 he worked in Department of Macroeconomic and Sectoral Analyzes of Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej, where he was responsible for the red meat market analyses. From 2005 to 2014 he worked for Agricultural Market Agency. Author of scientific articles on public aid in agriculture sector and several hundred comments, articles and press releases regarding the situation on agricultural markets. He has been a winner and has been granted distinction in the agricultural product price forecasting competitions organized by Rzeczpospolita daily.

Katarzyna Stos


National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene - NRI

She has obtained knowledge and experience in the field of food and nutrition (particularly on food supplements, fortified foods, foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses). Her current research activities are connected with food quality and safety and the program of prevention of iodine deficiency in Poland. She took part in the process of harmonization of the Polish food law to the European regulations. She participates in the works setting requirements for foods on the national level, European level and Codex Alimentarius (the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses).

Małgorzata Wilgatek

Dr Małgorzata Wilgatek

Centrum Monitorowania Rynku Sp. z o.o.

She works for CMR dealing with business development and sales data analysis. Previously, she gained experience in the construction industry as a Business Analyst. A graduate in Political Sciences, a graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics. Author of many scientific articles in the field of political science and the FMCG industry.

Magdalena Wróbel Jędrzejewska

Dr Magdalena Wróbel-Jędrzejewska

Prof. Waclaw Dabrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute, Institute of Refrigeration Engineering Technologies and Techniques in Łódź

Lecturer, Head of Chair of Refrigeration Engineering and Natural Environment Protection at the Institute of Refrigeration Engineering Technologies and Techniques of the Prof. Waclaw Dabrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology – State Research Institute. She performs research on natural environment protection (e.g. in refrigeration engineering); analyses of natural environment indicators (carbon footprint, water footprint) in the agricultural and food industry; monitoring of greenhouse gases, analyses of synthetic coolants (F-gases), counteracting food loss and waste; she also conducts trainings on F-gases.