Anna Bugala


Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – NRI

Horticultural market analyst. Co-author of the twice-yearly report "Fruits and vegetables market. State and prospects". Author of numerous articles and studies on Polish horticulture, especially foreign trade in fruit, vegetables and their products.

Magdalena Cywińska-Antonik


Prof. Wacław Dąbrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology in Warsaw – State Research Institute (IAFB – SRI)

Senior research and technical specialist in the Laboratory of Physicochemical and Sensory Quality Testing in the Department of Fruit and Vegetable Product Technology, with which she has been associated since 2016. Since 2022, as part of preparations for her doctoral dissertation, she has been working on developing a technology to reduce the concentration of sugar naturally present in fruit juices using enzymatic reactions, which coincides with her scientific interests. Since 2023, she has been a PhD student at the AgroBioTech Doctoral School. Her past scientific achievements include participation in 2 scientific conferences as a speaker, authorship and co-authorship of 3 scientific publications,  co-authorship of 1 patent application and participation in 3 scientific projects.

Mariusz Dziwulski

Dr Mariusz Dziwulski

PKO Bank Polski

Expert in agri-food market analysis at PKO Bank Polski. Doctor of Economics. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Has several years of experience in market analysis for the banking sector. Formerly associated with the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (2007-2010). He is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications, as well as expert opinions on the food industry.


Dr inż Babrara Groele

Polish Association of Juice Producers

Since 2004 she is the Polish Association of Juice Producers (KUPS) General Secretary. She defended her doctoral thesis at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences at the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences. A graduate of the University of Agriculture in Krakow, Faculty of Technology and Human Nutrition, Biotechnology Department and NCU School of Business in Nowy Sącz. Member of the DQS Program Council, the DSK Technical Team, the AIJN Technical Committee and of the Agricultural Agreement at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Member of the Management Committee of the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund.

Krystian Marszałek

Dr. Krystian Marszałek, Associate Professor

Prof. Wacław Dąbrowski Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology in Warsaw – State Research Institute (IAFB – SRI)

Head of the Department of Fruit and Vegetable Product Technology, Member of the Council of the National Science Center and IAFB-NIR and Chairman of the Sector Council of the Food, Agriculture and Forestry Sector within the Polish Committee for Standardization. In last year’s He was visiting professor in the University of Valencia (Spain), University of Padua (Italy) and Institute of Food Science and Technology, CAAS (China). Prior to his current appointment, he received many scholarships awarded by WULS, Mazovian Governor and by Polish Ministry of the Science and Higher Education for the most prominent young scientists in Poland and the honorary badge of Merit for Agriculture by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Laureate of Innovative Young Researcher and highlighted in best 5% of WULS PhD students. Expert and evaluator in PARD, NCRC, PNAAE, MFRP and FPS as well as member of PNC, PSFT and SGS. Prof. Krystian Marszałek is also reviewer in many international prestigious Journals and his scientific achievements cover participation in 26 research grants, authorships and co-authorships of 107 publications and book chapters, over 50 conference abstracts and 30 presentations. His scientific area cover application of emerging techniques for food processing and preservation like high pressure processing, high pressure carbon dioxide, high pressure homogenization, microwave heating, ultrasounds etc.

Szymon Mordasiewicz


Consumer Panel Services GfK

He graduated from the Higher School of Commerce. Postgraduate of the Jagiellonian University, the WSB Merito University and the Executive MBA studies at the WSB Merito University Wroclaw. He has been active in the FMCG industry for almost 20 years, starting in 2002 when he joined Nielsen. In 2012-14 he was responsible for Business Development in the CEE and Baltic states and in 2014-18 he worked as the CEO of the Polish branch of Nielsen. For 16 years he has had the opportunity to cooperate with various producers and retailers, providing solutions that popularise business development. Since January 2019 he has been associated with the GfK company where he became the CEO in 2023. He is responsible for implementation of the long-term strategy of growth and assuring the customers, producers and retailers are satisfied with the delivered solutions and cooperation.    

Bozena Nosecka


Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – NRI

Head of the team that has been preparing market analyzes on the situation on the fruit and vegetable market since 1992 (twice a year). Central Statistical Office expert in estimating vegetable harvests in Poland. Author of many studies, articles and expert opinions on Polish, European and global horticulture, especially regarding the processing sector.

Julian Pawlak_zdj


Polish Association of Juice Producers

President of the Polish Association of Juice Producers since 2004. Formerly the president and CEO of Tymbark, currently the Strategy Advisor and since 2003 chairman of the supervisory board of Tymbark.

Piotr Podoba


Döhler Sp. z o.o.

President of Döhler Sp. z o.o. Since 2012 Vice-president of the KUPS Board. Member of the Management Board at European Fruit Juices Association (AIJN). He gained his professional experience in the family business Alpex
Sp. z o.o. As a member of the Polish Association of Juice Producers (KUPS) he participates actively into activities cooperation with industry promotion.



Bank Pekao S.A.

Expert in agricultural and food sector analyses in Macroeconomic Research Department of Bank Pekao S.A. He studied International Policy and European Integration at the Cardinal Wyszynski University in Warsaw. He also completed doctoral studies at the Collegium of Management and Finance of Warsaw School of Economics. In 2015-2022 Food and agribusiness analyst in Santander Bank Polska. In 2014-2015 he worked in Department of Macroeconomic and Sectoral Analyzes of Bank BGŻ (BNP Paribas currently), where he was responsible for the red meat market analyses. From 2005 to 2014 he worked for Agricultural Market Agency. Author of comments, articles and press releases regarding the situation on agricultural markets.

Izabela Tańska 2


IGI Food Law

Food Law and Sustainable Food Law Advisor, CEO of IGI FOOD LAW LLC., with 22 years of work and experience in Warsaw, Brussels, Singapore, and Washington, D.C. She is an expert in interpreting and applying EU and national food law requirements. She advises food producers and distributors on complying with regulations at the design, marketing, and distribution stages. She has successfully implemented EU procedures (novel foods, health claims, additives, supplements, FSMP). Thanks to excellent and many years of knowledge of the functioning of national institutions, including inspections and EU institutions, and following their work, she provides expertise and solutions that help companies prepare for upcoming changes in food law and sustainable food law. In 2011, she established the Summer School of Food Law, which offers workshops on the application of food law. She is a speaker, scholarship holder, author and co-author of publications, articles, and books.

Magdalena Wilgatek


Centrum Monitorowania Rynku Sp. z o.o.

At CMR, he is responsible for business development and PR. Previously, she gained experience in Business Intelligence. Doctor of Political Science by education, graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics. Author of many scientific articles in the field of political science and the FMCG industry.